Every product is ofcourse durable. During transit also this value should be proteted and reach the customer's hands safely. And therefore we have stringent quality measures after all our products are going to safeguard your product.

We have series of quality checks at almost all stages, which is the way of life at our factory as we are an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company.

The following may describe you the various quality checks undertaken at our end

  • Raw material stage - Test for GSM, Bursting Strength & Cobb Value
  • Glue, Test for Viscosity , Solid Content
  • Final product - Test for the Bursting Strength, Punching Resistance of the board, Compression of the box , Moisture etc.,

We have the following equipments at our Laboratory

Substance Indicator

Measures directly substance of paper, paperboard and other materials in terms of G.S.M.

Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength is a reliable index of the strength and performance of materials like paper, paperboards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fibreboards.

Crush Tester

Useful for determining Edge Crush, Flat Crush, Pin (Ply) Adhesion of Corrugated Board and Ring Crush, CMT of Paper

Cobb Tester

Determines water absorption / penetration (cobb value) of paper and paperboard as specified in standards.

Caliper Thickness Guage

Measures Caliper thickness of a variety of Materials

Puncture Resistance Tester

Measures Puncture resistance of various packaging materials and gives reliable indication to evaluate fabrication factors along with material values in a composite fashion

Gum Viscosity Tester and Moisture Meter